RTI Consenter | Patient Centered Informed Consent
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Learn more about Consenter.

Get the right participants in your trial.

Clinical trials made simple.
Clinical trials can be challenging for many participants, resulting in less informed participants and lower trial completion rates. Consenter eases the way, improving the clinical trial enrollment process through the use of technology and communication expertise.
How It Works


Patient Centered

Content customized to your clinical trial using plain language and clear communication

IRB Required Elements

All IRB-required elements, including study purpose, procedures, and potential risks and benefits

Interactive Technology

Patients engage with CONSENTER’s customizable on-screen avatar, who explains the trial process

Consistent Delivery

Ensure consistent consent delivery across multiple sites and investigators, reducing staff burden

Workflow Integration

Deployment options ranging from tablet-based apps to eConsent integration

Multiple Languages

Multiple languages available, including American Sign Language (ASL)

Learn more about Consenter.

Get the right participants in your trial.